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Workers Compensation

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While some professions and some workplaces carry more inherent risk of injury than others, there are ways people can hurt themselves at every job. Fortunately, there is a system in place for people who are injured while doing their job. Worker’s Comp is designed to cover the cost of a work-related injury that occurred in the course of an employee’s job duties.



The costs associated with such injuries might include medical bills as well as lost wages if the injury requires the employee to miss work. Some workplaces have common injuries that are fairly easy to imagine: a kitchen worker might get a bad cut from a knife, a construction worker might suffer a back injury lifting heavy objects, a factory worker might get a hand caught in some equipment. However, workplace injuries can happen in less obvious situations as well. Among office workers, carpal tunnel syndrome and eye, neck and back strain are all relatively common.

The hope, when you have been injured on the job, is that the insurance company with whom your employer carries worker’s compensation insurance will act in good faith and cover your costs, both in medical care and missed time at work. However, like with any other type of insurance policy, disputes may arise. The insurance company may believe that your injury was not work-related, or that even if you were at work, you were outside your job functions, and it may try to refuse to pay your claim. If this happens, a dedicated worker’s compensation attorney can help ensure that you are covered.

Many employees think that their company will fight for them when it comes to worker’s compensation benefits however just as the insurance company makes less profit if they pay out more claims, your employer may be concerned with the way worker’s compensation insurance premiums affect the bottom line. An experienced worker’s compensation lawyer can significantly increase the size of your worker’s compensation settlement, so that you can truly get the medical care that you need.

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