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Product Liability

We Represent Victims of Faulty Products

Everyone has had the experience of having some gadget, toy or device break and the feeling that the product was cheap or defective. In most cases, the broken product is an annoyance or an inconvenience but nothing more. However sometimes that broken product is dangerous and someone gets hurt. In some cases, the difference is a matter of how badly the device is broken while in others, it is a matter of the device’s function. Every year, thousands of accidents that result in someone being seriously injured or even killed are caused by defective consumer products.


An experienced product liability attorney can help if you have been injured by a defective consumer product. A defective consumer product is one which fits one of the following descriptors:

  1. It is unfit for its intended use.
  2. It is dangerous or harmful for normal use.
  3. It does not carry adequate instructions for use.
  4. It is inherently dangerous due to a defect in design or manufacture.

There are some categories of consumer products that are responsible for a great many accidents: gas or electric appliances, power tools, children’s toys and furniture, child safety seats and auto parts. In each of these cases, it is easy to imagine how a defective product could result in a terrible accident. In general, product defects are grouped into three categories:

  • Design Defect – A design defect occurs when a product is poorly-designed so that when it goes into production, each item produced is likely to be dangerous. An example of a design defect might be an electrical device that has insufficient insulation in the wiring or switch. If a particular model of lamp has a design defect, every lamp of that model may be dangerous to the consumer.
  • Manufacturing Defect – A manufacturing defect occurs when an item is incorrectly manufactured or assembled. In many cases, it may be that one specific item of a product was assembled incorrectly. An example of a manufacturing defect might be a child safety seat on which a part was not securely installed. That model of seat might be excellent, but that particular seat may not be safe.
  • Marketing Defect – Also known as failure to warn, marketing defects occur when a product that may have inherent dangers if used incorrectly does not carry a warning to that effect. An example of a warning defect might be a children’s game that contains small parts but does not provide a warning that it should be kept away from babies who might choke on those parts.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in an accident that was caused by a defective consumer product, speak with a dedicated product liability lawyer immediately to discuss your options. You may be eligible to recover compensation for present and future medical bills, property damage and lost wages associated with the accident and you may be protecting other people from serious injury by the same product in the future. We have helped numerous people across the state with product liability claims.

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